about saffywater

SaffyWater™ Purification Technology, is committed to innovation in Bio solutions for the purification, treatment and conservation of clean drinking water for the world.

With our cutting edge biotechnology inspired by nature, we intend to change the current systems of water purification in the world by achieving zero waste in spite of high levels of contamination and heavy metal in water that undergoes our treatment procedure.


"The water crisis around the world and heavy metal contamination of water has enabled the team at SaffyWater to work on a solution based product keeping in mind these problems we’ve encountered in our research:

- Regular filtration processes strip water of natural healthy elements

- Current purification systems are not sustainable

- Current products in the market do not treat heavy metals like arsenic, leadand cadmium.

- The used filters are inorganic, causing harm to the environment

- The current products are not affordable or aesthetic

- The current products do not reach remote rural areas

Our technology and design team have worked extensively to tackle these issues to bring to you the best products of the future."


SaffyWater Purification Technology turned to nature for inspiration and observed the mechanism of water filtration by pearl oysters. Lab observations at SaffyWater led to the idea of building a highly efficient, sustainable water purifier that is able to filter water without stripping the natural elements of water.

SaffyWater purification technology is the most efficient for removal of heavy metals like Arsenic, lead and cadmium.

Our Technology enabled us to work with bio microbes in order to achieve an organic filtration system which can pave the way for new age sustainable technology.

We have devised a system of 3 major layers that allows us to get rid of contaminated water with heavy metals, pathogens and suspended solids. The first layer takes care of suspended solids.

The middle layer, which is our core technology, works towards getting rid of polluted chemicals and heavy metals. The last layer is to purify the water from pathogens bacteria and viruses. The whole system is designed to prevent any biological contamination from taking place inside the system and outside it.